Laser Lace Letters is an episodic story series that’s a little bit different. It’s tangible.


The Letters are packets of artifacts: correspondence, telegrams, newspaper clippings, instruction manuals, diary entries…not transcripts, but actual papers you can hold in your hand.


The episodes have no narrator or director. You, the reader, piece together the story as you explore the evidence of it. And evidence, as it turns out, is a particularly apt way of putting it.


The characters can only speak through the things they left behind, because each and every one of them has disappeared. They were vastly different people with no seeming connection to one another: a magician, a pilot, a mad scientist, a serial killer, a circus owner, a detective. Only one thing seems to connect these cases: each left behind a little felt cameo.


The story of Laser Lace is a story of making: of how the people disappeared and their silhouttes came to be.
The cameos and their stories are made by the author, Haley Moore, in her workshop in Dallas, TX. Haley is a long-time tangible story creator who began making artifacts for Alternate Reality Games in 2005. Laser Lace Letters is her first independent project, and features illustrations from other artists as far flung as London.


Haley is also part of a group of storytellers who are creating in the shared storyworld of Clockwork Watch. Laser Lace Letters shares a history, setting, and characters with the other comics, live theater pieces, and stories created within the Clockwork Watch universe. Explore the larger world at