The whole story

may be twisted, broken, and scattered. But that doesn't mean we can't read it.

Join Us in the Parlour

Away from the bustle of the city, in the quiet places, women and men write unguarded of love, madness, murder, and revolution. Go on, take a peek.

Handmade Characters

Laser Lace is a story of making. Each character is portrayed in a handmade felt cameo, created from laser cut parts. What place do these things have in a turn of the century world? That's the story of Laser Lace.

Independent, Artisanal Storytelling

Laser Lace Letters is made by artists collaborating on a small scale to create something special. The stories are intimate, and so is the way they're made.

A Shared World

Laser Lace is part of a bigger world, one that you can tell stories in, too. Join us in the world of Clockwork Watch, and explore the comics, live events, and other stories that take place there.

One by one, people in London are vanishing without a trace. All they've left behind are their personal documents, and, for each one, a strange felt brooch.  Their story may be twisted, broken and scattered - but that doesn't mean you can't read it.