Laser Lace Letters is a collection of cutting edge couture cameos, made by designer Haley Moore. Each comes folded into a packet of papers that tells the story of the person depicted, through the letters, diaries, newspaper clippings, sketches, photographs, and other objects they left behind. The Letters tell seven steampunk tales of adventure and technological horror, which you can also read as a digital book.

This is a unique kind of indie project, but Haley can't make it without your help. The project needs equipment, printing services and materials, and you can provide those by preordering your cameos on Kickstarter.

The story even extends beyond its pages. As the laser carves out the cameos above, you'll learn more and more about the seven characters who star in the Letters. Bits of their stories are scattered across the net, but you can come here to find them all. You can also track behind the scenes updates here.

The Letters are a creative collaboration with Clockwork Watch - a steampunk world that you can experience online, in comics, at live theatre events, and on film.